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Press Quotes

"...Even if she hadn't been evoking the style and era of Clooney,  Heather Moran would have deserved the ovations she received for the bloom of her tone and the nuance of her interpretations..." 

--Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune


"She is gentle with the Clooney classic, but it's clear that Moran has a serious set of chops. It's equally clear that she knows how to use them."

--Molly Hagan,


" Moran's voice is hauntingly evocative of eras past but the spirit that emerges from these songs distinctly says, 'now' and 'today.' Here's charming and compelling new jazz/pop presence. You're sure to be hearing more from  Heather Moran. Justice, not to mention good taste, demands it."

--Gordon Kopulos, Freelance Writer and Contributing Editor, Down Beat Magazine, 1972-1985


"Heather Moran works her way through a set of familiar standards like the consummate professional that she is on "Heatherland"  As a tribute to her skills as an interpreter, Moran's versions of "Lover Man," "A Day In the Life of A Fool" and "The Way You Look Tonight" are like a breath of fresh air blowing off Lake Michigan."

--Gregg Shapiro, Chicago Free Press


"To me you use your voice like Frank Sinatra... he knew how you use his voice as an instrument.  Heather Moran is an amazingly talented lady."

--Steve King, The Steve and Johnnie Show, WGN 720am


"One of the best singers in Chicago."

--Nick Digilio, WGN Radio


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