Heather Moran is a popular and acclaimed voice teacher in the Lake County area.  She works with multi-ages and experience levels to help build confidence as a performer.  She is an expert at helping everyone find their inner musical strengths.  The primary purpose of lessons is to develop the vocal talents of each student to his/her full potential.  Heather focuses on teaching the basics, while also teaching good vocal health and maintenance.  Breath control, pitch, projection, support, tone quality, range growth, musicality, interpretation, character study and stage presence are the main focus in the students' study.  Hard work, excellence, creativity and self-esteem are developed and encouraged, so that the student can meet their short term and long term vocal goals.

Heather welcomes all levels; whether it be someone who is striving to be a performer, or someone who is just really looking for that perfect karaoke song.  Heather also offers monologue coaching and general audition preparation.   All of this in a fun, family-friendly and supportive environment.  Lessons are 30 minutes and 60 minutes.  Students are accepted over the age of 11 years old, but auditions can be requested for exceptions.  Recitals are held 3-4 times every year and are free of charge.  The recitals are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.  At times, there may be a wait list due to a full schedule, so contact for availability.